Handbook of CVC Circulars and Guidelines hosted on this website was compiled in the form of a book by M/s Hindustan Steel Works Construction Limited, A Government of India Undertakings. MECON Limited also supported in the endeavour. The handbook comprises Circulars / Office Memorandum and Manuals / Booklets of the Central Vigilance Commission, which are available in public domain.

It is to be understood that hosting this booklet is not intended for representing complaint handling policy of the company. MECON has its own Complaint Handling Policy which is available on its website.

The handbook is hosted on MECON website for ease of reference by the stakeholders. It is, however, requested to see the updates on the Circulars / Office Memorandum and Manuals / Booklets on the website www.cvc.nic.in and www.cvc.gov.in