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One of the Strategic Business Unit (SBU) of MECON, the Power Group renders total engineering consultancy from concept to commissioning and project management services for captive as well as utility power projects. For over four decades, we are associated with power projects both in India as well as abroad and is providing expertise for any type, size and technology.


    • Green / brown field conventional coal / gas based power plants (both sub critical and supercritical).
    • Green / brown field Gas Turbine based Simple/Combined Cycle Power Plants.
    •  Diesel / Gas engine based Power Plants.
    • Green / brown field large/medium Hydroelectric Power Stations (Storage based and run of river schemes)
    • Green / brown field mini, micro & small Hydroelectric Power stations (canal drop & hill based schemes)
  • Non-conventional
    • Power projects like bio-mass, bagasse cogeneration, solar, etc.


    • Concept planning & site selection studies.
    • Pre feasibility / Feasibility reports
    • Detailed Project Reports
    • Site survey, soil investigation, EIA / EMP studies, infrastructure planning.
    • Assistance in obtaining project related clearances.
    • Basic engineering including selection & sizing of main plant & equipment, balance of plant (BOP) equipment.
    • Procurement services.
    • Detailed engineering services of systems / equipment
    • O&M Manuals
    • Project management & site supervision services.
    • Inspection & expediting services.
    • Commissioning & post commissioning assistance.
    • Owner’s Engineer Services
    • RLA & LE Studies and RM&U recommendation
    • Implementation consultancy for RM&U schemes.
    • Asset evaluation services.
    • Lender’s engineering services.
    • Assistance in formation of JV Company and asset transfer.
    MECON has in house expertise to provide design and engineering services for the main power plant facilities as well as for entire balance of plant (BOP) facilities including infrastructure facilities. These include:
    • Main Plant equipment & system including boilers, turbines, fuels (solid/liquid/gaseous) handling & feeding systems, condensate & feed water systems, draft system, flue gas cleaning system, etc.
    • Raw water intake system including intake well / diversion weir, raw water pumping system, raw water storage, etc
    • Water treatment plant including Pre-Treatment (including desalination plant), Post-Treatment and Advanced Water Treatment facilities (membrane processes- reverse osmosis & ultra filtration).
    • Cooling water system (once through and closed loop cycle) including cooling water pump house and cooling towers (natural draft, induced draft).
    • Service water & drinking water system
    • Fire Fighting System (water based & gas based)
    • Fire Detection & Alarm System.
    • Coal Handling System including railway track, stacking and reclaiming, crushing system, conveying system, etc.
    • Ash Handling System including wet, dry (pneumatic conveying), HCSD, ash pond and ash water recovery system.
    • Fuel Oil System including unloading, storage and handling system.
    • Air Conditioning & Ventilation System including centralized / window air conditioning system, plenum ventilation, exhaust ventilation, air washing units, etc.
    • Handling & Hoisting Facilities including cranes, hoists, lifts, etc.
    • Chimney (RCC/Steel, single/multi flue).
    • Civil, Structural and architectural design

       Water conductor system covering

    • Head race - power canal, tunnel, surge tank, penstock, etc.
    • Tail race - channel, tunnel, etc.

        Power house civil work covering

    • Power house building
    • Equipment foundation

         Turbine, generator and other mechanical equipment / system covering

    • Turbine (Francis, Kaplan, Pelton wheel)
    • Generator
    • Inlet valves (butter fly / shut off  & rotary valve)
    • Governing system
    • Excitation system
    • Lubrication oil system
    • Cooling water system
    • Drainage / Dewatering system
    • Compressed air system
    • Fire detection and fire fighting system

         Hydro mechanical equipment covering

    • Gates (intake gate, draft tube gate, spillway gates, etc.)
    • Hoists & cranes (EOT crane, gantry crane, etc.)
  • Electrics
    Complete “Power Plant Electrics” including control, monitoring, protection, metering, interlocking and automation of the following:
    • Generator, turbine, boiler and their associated systems & auxiliaries.
    • Electrical power generation, distribution and evacuation system/ equipment including switchgears, transformers, bus ducts, etc.
    • EHV Switchyard and SCADA.
    • GIS Switchyard.
    • HV/LV Substations.
    • Shop Electrics including MCC and drive control/ automation & VFD.
    • Balance of Plant electrics.
    • Cable engineering, earthing and lighting protection.
    • UPS system.
    • DC System.
    • DG Sets.
    • Plant illumination system.
    • Construction power supply system.
    • Power factor compensation system.
    • Power system studies.
  • Control & Instrumentation (C&I)
    • State-of- the-art DDCMIS
    • Micro processor based PLC system
    • Electronic / microprocessor based field instrument
    • Analyzers e.g.  SWAS, CEMS
    • Layout and cable engineering
    • Various control system including BMS/FSSS, ATRS, TSE, EHTC etc.
    • Turbine supervisory instrumentation
  • Security & Surveillance System
    • Computerized access control systems
    • Close circuit television surveillance
    • Passive fence and perimeter security
    • Buried cable sensors etc.
  • Communication Engineering
    • Plant telecommunication system including EPABX, LSTB, PLCC etc.


  • Possesses MOEF certified in house laboratory
  • Possesses BEE certified energy auditors


  • Detailed Engineering & Consultancy
    •  1 x 300 MW captive, TPP for JSW Steel Ltd., Torangallu
    •  2 x 120 Expansion of CPP, NALCO, Angul
    •  2 x 210 MW extension of TPS-1 expansion of Neyveli Lignite Corporation
    •  2 x 25 MW gas turbine based co-generation plant for Hindustan   Petroleum Corporation, Ltd., Vizag
    •  200 t/h steam generator for National Aluminium Company, Damanjodi
    • 110 MW Power plant  for Bhushan Steel & Strips Ltd., Orissa
    • 20.6 MW NEDO Model Project at RINL, Vizag
    • 62 MW Co-generation & CCPP at NINL, Duburi
  • Feasibility Reports / Detailed Project Reports
    • 4800 MW CPP IN Bayeka State, Nigeria
    • 4 X 800 MW Supercritical power plant in Chhatisgarh
    • 700/600 MW Refinery Residue Based IGCC for IOCL Haldia
    • 2 x 500 MW power plant for DVC, Durgapur
    • 2 x 300 MW (+ 20%) TPS for Bokaro Power Supply Co. Ltd.
    • 2 X 500 MW PP for Chandil TPS, JSEB
    • 2 X 125 MW PP for Lignite Base Power Station at Barsingsar, Rajasthan – NLC
    • 2 X 210 MW Coal Base Ib Valley TPS for OPGC
    • 3 x 660 MW TPP at Gumla for M/s Moserbaer
    • 2 x 660 MW TPP at Sahibganj for M/s videocon
    • 3670 MW TPP at Bokaro for BT Divine
    • 2 X 660 MW TPP at Deoghar for Dalmia Power Ltd.,
  • Turnkey Execution
    • Turnkey execution of Civil & Hydro-Mechanical Work of 3 X 4 MW Serlui-B SHP at Mizoram for P&E Department , Govt of Mizoram
  • Consultancy Services
    • Consultancy for pre award services for RMU of units 5 & 6(2x37.5 MW) of Hirakud Power House- I, Burla for OHPC
    • Consultancy for pre award services for Renovation & Modernisation of unit 3 (24 MW) of Chiplima Power House of OHPC
    • Consultancy for  Detailed Survey & Investigation of Small Hydro Power Projects in Jharkhand for JREDA    
    • Detailed Engineering Consultancy services for RMU of units 3 & 4 (2x24 MW) of Hirakud Power House- I, Burla for OHPC
    • Asset Evaluation for 5 Hydel Power Projects of OHPC
    • EIA/EMP Studies for  Subansiri Upper Dam Project In Arunachal Pradesh for NHPC
    • Detailed Engg. consultancy for 850 kw Kerala Mini Hydel Project of CSEB
    • RMU & LE (3 x 9 MW), Augmentation Studies (1 x 9 MW for stage I  & 1 x 4 MW for stage II) and Preparation of DPR, TS and Implementation Consultancy for Jaldhaka Hydro-Electric Project of WBSEB
  • Feasibility Reports / Detailed Project Reports
    • Review of DPR of 3x20 MW Matnar HPP of CSEB
    • PFR of Kanhar Hydel Project of 2 x 25 MW of CSEB
    • Review of DPR of 3x16 MW Saurashtra Branch Canal SHPS Of SSNNL
    • DPR for Small Hydel Projects  At 7 RDS Of Gandak Canal for BHPC
    • Feasibility Report and DPR for Small Hydel Project of SASE
    • Survey and Investigation of 8 Small Hydel Project Sites of BHPC
    • Pre-Feasibility Reports of 22 Small Hydro Sites in Jharkhand for JREDA


  • Preparation of Project Report for Setting up of 1 MW OTEC Plant at Lakshwadeep Island for DNES (Now MNRE), GOI.
  • Preparation of Status Report on Global Wave Energy for MNRE.
  • Owner’s Engineer Services to Godavari Sugar Mills Limited, Karnataka for setting up 24 MW Bagasse Based Co-Generation Power Plant.
  • Preparation of TEFR for Biomass Based Project (1x 1.5 MW & 1 x 8 MW) including Biomass Survey for MOIL, Nagpur.
  • Pre-Award Consultancy Services for Solar Lantern program, RVE program of Jharkhand through Solar PV for JREDA


  • Detailed Engineering & Consultancy
    • 1 x 250 MW Coal Based TPP at Rourkela for NSPCL
    • 1 x 250 MW CFBC Power Plant at Bithnok for NLC
    • 2 X 500 MW TPP for NLC, Tamilnadu Power Ltd, Tuticorin
    • 2 X 250 MW TPP for Bokaro Power Supply Co. Ltd,
    • 558 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant for Jindal Steel– Bolivia
    • 20 MW to 100 MW capacity power plants for SAIL-ISP, SAIL-RSP, SAIL-BSP, NMDC, Jindal Steel, Bhushan Steel,  Konark Metcoke, Ramswaroop Loh Udyog etc.
  • Feasibility Reports / Detailed Project Reports
    • 2 X 660 MW TPP in Jharkhand linked to Mourya Coal Block for PFCL.
    • R&M of 1 x 24 MW Chiplima HE Power Project in Odisha
    • R&M of 6 x 60 MW Bolimela HE Power Project in Odisha
    • RLA & Uprating of 1 x 12 MW Moyar HE Power Project in TN
    • RLA & Uprating of 1 x 60 MW Kodayar HE Power Project in TN