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MECON has been a pioneer in the field of consultancy, design, engineering, manufacturing and supply of Rolling  Mills and Processing  Lines. For over three decades MECON has designed, engineered, supplied and  commissioned 33 hot and cold mills both medium and large capacities ranging from 30,000 tpy to 750,000 tpy.

Rolling Mills – Consultancy Services

MECON has extensive experience in planning, design and detail engineering of various types of rolling mills around the world. MECON can provide basic engineering, detail engineering, project planning, procurement assistance, erection and commissioning services.

Range of Services - Rolling Mills Consultancy

  • Preparation of conceptual layout
  • Study of various alternative layouts
  • Process selection, equipment selection and integration
  • Expert evaluation and introduction of new technologies
  • Preparation of feasibility  reports
  • Basic and detail engineering
  • Preparation of technical specification for procurement
  • Technical evaluation of tenders received from equipment suppliers
  • Preparation of Contact documents
  • Manufacture, Inspection and Expediting manufacturing
  • Site supervision for erection and commissioning
  • Project monitoring
  • Assistance in establishing performance guarantee

Technical Expertise – Rolling Mills Consultancy

  • Green field Rolling Mill and Processing lines project
  • Balancing equipment for existing Rolling Mills and Processing lines
  • Modernisation and revamping of existing Rolling Mills
  • Relocation of existing plant and equipment from one country to another
  • Assessment of used plant and equipment

Rolling Mills Consultancy projects under execution

  • 1800 mm conventional Hot strip mill – Bhushan Steel Strips Limited, Meramandali
  • 5000 mm Heavy Plate mill – Jindal Steel and Power Limited, Angul
  • 2150 mm hot strip mill - Jindal Steel and Power Limited, Angul
  • Augmentation of normalizing capacity in Plate mill – Bhilai Steel Plant
  • 0.12 Mtpy HSAW Pipe plant – Skipper Steel, West Bengal
  • 2.35 Mtpy CSP linked Hot strip mill – Bokaro Steel Limited
  • 1.2 Mtpy  Cold Rolling Mill Complex - Bokaro Steel Limited
  • Wire Rod mill – IISCO Steel Plant, Burnpur
  • Bar mill - IISCO Steel Plant, Burnpur
  • Universal Section mill - IISCO Steel Plant, Burnpur
  • Bar and Rod mill - Bhilai Steel Plant
  • Universal Beam mill - Bhilai Steel Plant
  • Medium Structural mill – Durgapur Steel Plant
  • Bar and Rod mill – Ramsarup Lohh Udyog Limited
  • Rebar mill – Star Steel International, Dubai
  • Structural mill - Star Steel international, Dubai
  • Heavy Section mill – United Gulf Steel, UAE

Rolling Mills – Equipment Design and Supply

MECON is a pioneer in the field of design, engineering, supply, erection and commissioning of hot and cold rolling mills for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Technical Expertise – Equipment Design and Supply

  • Vast experience in Rolling Mill facility design and engineering with process technology know how
  • Extensive experience in successful implementation of rolling mill projects
  • Green field construction including infrastructure development
  • Expansion, up gradation,  modernization and product optimization of existing plant and equipment
  • Relocation of existing plant and equipment from one location to another after up gradation and provision of balancing equipment.

Range of Services – Equipment Design and Supply

- Hot Rolling Mills
         - Hot  strip mills
         - Steckel mills
         - Plate mills
         - Bar and wire rod mills
         - Light and medium merchant mills

- Cold Rolling Mills
          -  2 hi cold rolling mills
          -  4 hi cold rolling mills
          -  6 hi cold rolling mills
          -  2 stand double reduction mills
          -  5  stand tandem cold rolling mills
          -  Skin pass mills
          -  Experimental rolling mills
          -  Mills for non ferrous metals rolling

- Revamping and Modernisation

  • Revamping of hot strip mills by providing hydraulic AGC and QWRC
  • Installation of coil boxes in existing hot strip mills
  • Installation of accelerated cooling in hot strip mill and plate mill run out roller table
  • Replacement of existing coilers with state of the art coilers and hot coil handling facilities
  • Installation of hydraulic AGC in existing cold rolling mills
  • Installation of work roll shifting and bending mechanisms

- Relocation of existing Plant and Equipment

  • Assistance in dismantling and packing
  • Replacement of obsolete equipments
  • Design and supply of balancing equipment
  • Foundation engineering
  • Erection, trial run and commissioning

Major  Equipment Design and Supply jobs Executed

  • 5 stand tandem cold rolling mill – Bokaro Steel Plant
  • DCR and skin pass mills – Bokaro Steel Plant
  • CRGO mill – Rourkela steel Plant
  • 6 hi cold rolling mill – Hero cycles, Ludhiana
  • Experimental rolling mill – Indian Oil Corporation, Faridabad
  • Light and medium merchant mill – RINL, Visakhapatnam
  • 4 Strand wire rod mill - RINL, Visakhapatnam
  • Bar mill – Powmex Steel, Titlagarh
  • Bar mill – Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd, Hyderabad
  • Blooming Mill – GKW Kolkatta

Major  revamping and modernisation jobs Executed

  • 600 mm hot strip mill – Rajinder Steel, Raipur
  • 1700 mm semi continuous hot strip mill – Rourkela Steel Plant
  • Hot strip mill – Bokaro steel Plant
  • 700 mm mill stand – Alloy Steel Plant, Durgapur
  • Hot strip mill and cold rolling mill – Hindalco, Renukot
  • 4 hi cold rolling mills – Shamon Ispat, Haldia
  • Merchant mill – ISP, Burnpur
  • Bar and rod mill – SISCOL, Salem

 Major Equipment Design and Supply jobs under execution

  • 2  Strand wire rod mill along with MORGAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, USA for Visakhapatnam Steel Plant

Excellence Awards

MECON has been awarded the prestigious “ National Award for Technical Excellence -2000” for development of 6 hi cold rolling mill in India by Department of scientific and Industrial research (DSIR), Government of India.