Technical Session-1: Managing Iron Ore Fines
Timing: 09:30 am - 11:00 am
Sl. No. Title of Paper Authors
(i) Advances in low grade Iron Ore Beneficiation Verma R. K., Razi K., Jain K. K., Raw Material Division, SAIL
(ii) Slicing the evolving batch jig bed B. Venkoba Rao H. Kumar Velan, K. S. Mohan Kumar,Anup Dutta, Tenova Delkor India Pvt Ltd.
(iii) Practise of large scale hematite ore beneficiation SDM, Shandong Province Metallurgical Engineering Co., Ltd. China
(iv) Managing iron ore fines of Dalli –Rajhara for improvement in yield S K Raja, CET, Bhilai Subcentre , S. Manoj kumar,
Mines-Project, BSP
(v) Indian Iron Ore Scenario : Low Grade Iron Ore Beneficiation Anand Kumar, Omendra Singh, MECON Limited
(vi) Latest developments in Gyratory Crushers and their installation on steel structure Milind Vaidya, Thyssen Krupp India
(vii) A Novel Filter Aid For Improved Efficiency of Pressure Filters Gyan Ranjan Das, Subhashree Singh, G. V. Kiran, Anand Purohit, Alok Tripathy, S. K. Biswal Innocule Limited, Bhubaneswar
Technical Session-2: Depleting iron Ore Reserves - Maximising Sintering & Pelletizing Usage
Timing:11:30 am - 01:00 pm
Sl. No. Title of Paper Authors
(i) Realizing state of art “All Indian Pellet Plant" S. Brahma, A. K. Patnaik, B. B. Majumder MECON Limited
(ii) Maximising sinter machine productivity through identification
& checking of air leakage points
Subhra Dhara, M.Roy, A.Mallick, B.N.Pathak, R.K.Nayak, B.C.Roy, A.K.Sahu & S.K.Pan, RDCIS, Ranchi/ Bokaro
(iii) Smart Integration of LV MCC to Improve Plant efficiency and Reduce life cycle cost Manish Haswani, ABB Ltd
(iv) Study on the Induration Cycle during Pelletization of GoethiteOre Golap Md. Chowdhury, C. Ram, Ratnesh Ram and S K Pan, R&D Centre for Iron and Steel, SAIL, Ranchi
(v) Low pressure Roto pulse advance Bag filter for Steel Industry Sucharita Mukhopadhyay, GEA Process Engineering (India)
Pvt. Ltd.
(vi) Sinter plant Raj Kumar Goel, SLR Metaliks
(vii) Significance of Power Factor Compensation and Harmonic
Filtration in Integrated Steel Plants : Focus on Blast Furnace & Rolling Mills
Anil Kumar Choudhary, MECON Limited
Technical Session-3: Blast furnace operation & Technology
Timing:02:00 pm - 03:30 pm
Sl. No. Title of Paper Authors
(i) TMT- New Developments for the Cast House and Probes Claude Bodeving, TMT Tapping measuring technology
(ii) Design innovation and practice of Laiwu Steel 3 # 4000m³
Blast Furnace
Mr. Wang Bing, Mr. Yuguohua, Mr. Zhang Xiangguo, Shandong Province Metallurgical Engineering Co.Ltd., Jinan-250101
(iii) Blast Furnace sizing consideration for Incredible India Dr. Bala Paramanathan, Danieli Corus BV, The Netherlands Manish Wadhwa, Danieli Corus India Pvt. Ltd., India
(iv) Design and simulation of Iron - Steelmaking Zero-Interface LI Ming-yang, Yan Yong-gang, Shandong Province Metallurgical Engineering Co.Ltd., Lu Shao-wen, Luo Zhi-guo, Shandong China; Dongbei University Shenyang 110004, china
(v) Over view of the latest technological developments by
PAUL WURTH in the Iron-Making area
Siva Rama Krishna Prasad Anne, Paul Wurth India
(vi) Shotcrete Repairing of BF Chun Geun Cho, Chosun Refractories, Korea
(vii) BF cast house cost optimization with DNEPROHYDROMACH
Co., Ukrain
Technical Session-4: Challenges of Today's Steelmaking
Timing:04:00 pm - 05:30 pm
Sl. No. Title of Paper Authors
(i) Exploring possibility of exploiting known processes J M Sathye
(ii) EOF : The Reliable Choice for Indian “Start-Up” Steel Plants Henrique Pfeifer, Mini Tech
(iii) Utilization of Solid Waste from Steel Melting Shop D. K. Ambasta, Bikas Pandey, Nabarun Saha
MECON Limited
(iv) SUBLANCE : Ultimate Tool For Steelmaking Subrat Mishra** Manish Wadhwa** Guido Van Hattum* *Danieli Corus BV, The Netherlands **Danieli Corus India, New Delhi, India
(v) Development of Nitrogen vanadium alloyed steels by enhancing the nitrogen recovery RBV Ramana, Kunthal Pal, TATA STEEL
(vi) “FMF BASE MODULE”: No Electric Power Steelmaking with FMF Umakant LOLAGE, Prashant BIHARE, Tommaso SARPIETRRO, Cristian CATTALINI, Praveen CHATURVEDI, Tenova India Pvt. Ltd, Tenova Industrial Technologies (Beijing) Co. Ltd
(vii) Efficient, Economical and Ecological Hot Metal
Desulphurization solution for Iron and Steel Industries
Deepak Kumar Agrawal, Madan Mohan Mahato, Asha Kumari JAMIPOL (A TATA STEEL – SKW – Tai Joint Venture Company)
(viii) Optimization of Ladle Top Slag by Thermodynamic Modelling
to Improve Steel Desulphurization
Snehangshu Roy, Rajeev Kumar Singh, K. Patwari, N. Pradhan, S. Ghodh, Ramen Datta
R&D Centre for Iron and Steel, SAIL, Ranchi
Technical Session-5: Manufacturing sector - Make in India
Timing:09:30 am - 11:00 am
Sl. No. Title of Paper Author
(i) Start up’ & ‘Stand up’ and Steel Industry S. N. Pathak, Ashish Shukla CET-SAIL, Bhilai
(ii) Indian Experience In Construction of Kalugin Top Combustion
Mr. Kazbek Agaev KALUGIN / EVO TECH PVT. LTD. Bhilai
(iii) Raymond Bartlett Snow Milling Technologies specialized for
efficient grinding of additives and coal in Iron and Steel Plants
Ivan Laszlo, Rajnish Chandra, Rajesh Sharma and Dhananjay Koul, Raymond Bartlett Snow Division / Arvos Group Oak Energy India Pvt. Ltd.
(iv) Cost Effective Innovative Trends in Fire Safety Systems &
Raghavendra Ranjolkar, P. S. Techcom Pvt. Ltd.
(v) Vitality of Quality Assurance & Quality control (QA&QC) for
Start up's to Stand up and Role of MECON
U N Mandal, K P Singh, MECON Limited
(vi) Proud to be MAKING IN INDIA Vishve Bandhu Mahendra, Encon Thermal Engineers Pvt Ltd.
(vii) "Start Up and Stand Up" in Indian Blast Furnace Iron Making Industry, MECON's Role M. Rajananda Kumar, R.S Sinha,Sajal Kumar Bhattacherjee,Binoy Bhusan Majumder, Binoy Bhusan Majumder, AGM (Iron Making ), SDE (Iron Making), DGM (Iron Making) & In-charge, Ref.Jt. GM (Technology) MECON Limited, Ranchi
Platinum Sponor's Presentation
(i) High Temperature Top Combustion Hot Stoves of
Kalugin Design for Blast Furnaces
B. Prokofyev, M. Kalugina, Y. Murzin, S. Ivlev, A. Subbotin, KALUGIN JSC, Russia
(ii) Yuxing Top Fired Stove-Energy Saving, Long Lifetimes, High HBT China Henan Yuxing Engineering & Technology of Hot Blast Stove Co., Ltd.

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