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मेकॉन लिमिटेड
भारत सरकार का संस्थान

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CMD Desk

    Shri Atul Bhatt, CMD, MECON



    Dear colorfully dressed children, officials from MECON, the spectacular Army band & platoons of schools, representatives of the Print media, ladies and gentlemen…On 69th Republic Day of our country, I congratulate you all & welcome you to the celebration of our emergence as the largest democratic Nation having the longest written constitution.

    On 15th August 1947, India became independent from the British Rule but we were still following the Government of India Act 1935, which was laid down by the British. Post independence, the need of an independent constitution became evident and a drafting committee came into existence, which was headed by Bharat Ratna Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. The initial draft was submitted in November 1947 and after due deliberation by the Constituent Assembly, in sessions open to public, for 166 days, spread over a period of two years, 11 months and 18 days, the 308 members of the Constituent Assembly signed hand-written copies of the document, in Hindi and English, on 24th January 1950. Two days later, the Constitution of India came into effect across the nation, completing the country's transition towards becoming an Independent Republic. 

    As I am having the opportunity to address our children, the future of India, let me share the short story about insertion of ‘Right to Education Act’ in our Constitution.

    Spurred by the Unnikrishnan judgment and a public demand, to enforce the right to education, successive governments, since 1993, worked towards bringing a constitutional amendment, to make education a fundamental right. That led to the 86th amendment in December 2002, which inserted Article 21-A in the Constitution of India, to provide free and compulsory elementary education, of satisfactory and equitable quality, to all children in the age group of 6 to 14 years, in a formal school, which satisfies certain essential norms and standards.

    In spite of this Act, many children, in our country, are deprived of their Fundamental Right to Education. Therefore, I would urge our dear children, who are privileged to receive good education, to make the best use of it and spread knowledge, in whichever way they can. I would suggest all of you to imbibe the culture of reading books, which takes knowledge beyond the classroom and frees imagination from stress of the immediate and the utilitarian.

    Be informed about the opportunities available, don’t fly with the wind, rather let your wings be open to the less trodden sky and conquer it. 

    As we all know, with adoption of the constitution, we, the citizens of India, officially, gained the power, to live independently and help govern our own country. Similarly, the stakeholders of an organization get the power to carve the future of their enterprise, by adopting progressive policies and Business Plans. On this auspicious day, let me reiterate that MECON has finalised its Strategic Business Plan -2022 and aims to be a 1500 Crore company by 2022 through transformation of our business approach, to provide end-to-end solutions from concept to commissioning, with enhanced focus on diversification of our business portfolio.

    The turbulent time witnessed by MECON, in the last couple of years, presented us with an opportunity to re-align our core strength and rejuvenate our efforts for continual improvement. Our renewed efforts are bearing fruits in the form of positive changes in our books of accounts, certifying our will-power and capabilities.

    Let me give you all a glimpse of improvement in MECON’s financial performance in first three (3) Quarters of FY 2017-18 over first three (3) Quarters of of FY 2016-17.

    The Turnover figure is showing commendable improvement of almost 40% from `170.49Cr. to `237.41Cr., the Income has increased from `219.79Cr. to `284.91Cr. Despite some increase in our expenses over last year, the losses have reduced from `(91.77)Cr. in first three (3) Quarters of FY 2016-17 to `(48.65)Cr. in that of FY 2017-18.

    Last calendar year closed on a very encouraging note, as we proved our mettle in terms of project execution by bringing paradigm shift in our performance from LD to Bonus in Proj. CoB#7, BSL, Bokaro, SAIL.

    On the Order booking front, there is significant increase in repeat orders from clients like, GAIL, promising a brighter future for MECON, as a reward of change in our business philosophy from Customer Satisfaction to Customer Delight.

    Our performance during the last year evinced our capabilities and I am confident that if we perform up to our actual potential, we can even surpass our own benchmarks and emerge as the most sought after Engineering Enterprise on National as well as International platform.

    In order to fulfill this dream, we need to improve in all spheres of our business and need to adjust our sails, quickly and deftly, to the winds of change. Our organization asks each of us, in whatever role we play, to do our duty; with faith, integrity, commitment & unflinching motivation.

    In the same way, our country calls for the faith and commitment of its people -To take a pledge to uphold our country’s honour at all times, respect its past, work on its present and be ready to own the future by powering our latent potential.

    With this spirit, I salute the makers of our constitution, freedom fighters, our armed forces and pay special remembrance to all the brave-hearted soldiers & their families, who made and are making, unsurpassed sacrifices, for all of us to breathe ‘free’.  

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